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I'm Karen, 24, Polish, with strawberry blonde hair and eyes that were blue when I was born and that are now green. Manny 2.15.09 <3 getting married 11.06.2016
3DS games, pokemon, long drives, the beach, rollercoasters, dachshunds, taking pictures, classic and vintage cars <3
I love My Little Pony Friendship is Magic <3
I watch The Vampire Diaries, The Carrie Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Revenge, Nashville, The Originals, Resurrection, and The Young and the Restless.
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The Birchbox staff loves Revenge. From the amazing clothes to the plot twists, it’s an office-wide obsession. Even though we always tune in, we never saw this coming: The show has just launched its own perfume called Double Infinity. (For those who aren’t fanatics, the fragrance’s name is a reference to a symbol that has significant meaning within the storyline.)

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well i need to find this and smell it lol

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    well i need to find this and smell it lol
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